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fleet.tech® is part of the LOSTnFOUND group. The telematics solutions developed by LOSTnFOUND® are used by more than 3,500 customers on a daily basis and are available in 10 languages. The company developed the first solution in this area in 2009, and is currently among the leading providers in this market. The company has offices in Germany, France and Switzerland and distributes solutions in more than 20 countries. The products have received multiple international awards for innovation in recent years.
With the latest solution, the fleet.tech® DRIVER, LOSTnFOUND is offering the first ‘fitness tracker’ for car fleets, where the issues of Eco-Drive, safety and reduction of CO2 emissions are the focus. This extremely innovative solution ensures not only greater transparency for the car fleet, but also assists managers with scientific data that has been collected using a comprehensive driving analysis system. The solution accurately detects incidents that indicate risky driving behaviours, e.g. hard braking or acceleration, as well as cornering at high speeds. The algorithms are highly precise and capable of evaluating the danger of any event. fleet.tech® DRIVER takes into account both the type of road and the traffic conditions. In order to analyse the safety in even greater detail, the corresponding algorithms also include weather conditions, possible night driving and the travel date and time.
The fleet.tech® DRIVER APP gives the driver valuable feedback on ways they can optimise their driving style in the key phases. The fleet.tech® dashboard provides an overview of the efficiency and safety results of the entire fleet, as well as their carbon footprint. The driver decides for themselves if they want to share their score with other drivers in the same fleet. The solution thus complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
In conclusion: fleet.tech® DRIVER is designed for drivers and fleet managers for whom safe driving and long-term reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are key issues.

German Brand Award 2017

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