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LOSTnFOUND Group was founded in 2009 by Daniel Thommen and Markus Ledermann and is part of AddSecure, the leading European provider of secure IoT connectivity and end-to-end solutions, since early 2022. We help our customers optimize operations, increase business value and secure critical functions.

By combining connected, data-driven and sensor-based solutions with world-class expertise, we meet our customers' needs regardless of industry.

Our secure IoT solutions are used in buildings, alarm systems, transportation and logistics, personal security and safety, healthcare, construction, municipalities, schools, emergency services, power grids and more.

AddSecure is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Our main market is Europe, but we serve customers all over the world. With over 1,000 employees, we help make the world safer, smarter and more sustainable.

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German Brand Award 2017


We have been dealing with the challenges of freight transport and the global flow of goods for many years. In the process, we experience on a daily basis the impact that the increasing movement of goods has on the environment, the national economy and the infrastructure. We are convinced that these challenges can only be solved with innovative approaches. Our solutions are always based on our corporate principles and values, which are characterized by economic, social and ecological responsibility.

Our data centers, which are operated at independent locations in Switzerland and Germany, as well as a multi-redundant network, form the technological backbone of our infrastructure. The cooling of the servers is one of the most important components of a data center. A significant part of the total energy demand as well as the possible energy density and thus the degree of utilization of a data center depend on the type of cooling system. Our data centers are built with a cold aisle design, which allows the LOSTnFOUND Group to contribute to efficient energy use. In addition, the server locations are operated in a 100% climate-neutral manner. Climate-neutral hosting is achieved by us according to the myclimate principle "Avoid - Reduce - Compensate" through the purchase of ecologically high-quality emission reduction certificates. Through the purchase of these certificates, we achieve that in the amount of CO2 emissions caused by us, emission-free energy is fed into the power grid. The consequently avoided production of additional conventional electricity polluted by CO2 emissions ensures an active contribution to environmental protection through the climatic neutralization of our services!

Our own vehicle fleet is of course equipped with our technologies and is actively managed. We have identified traffic-related emissions and road safety as our current focus. The need for action is all the more indicated because the emissions that the transport sector contributes to the overall burden have not fallen in recent years, but on the contrary have risen slightly. We are convinced that change processes require an understanding of the challenges. And in order to understand the content, transparency is needed!

We are convinced that innovative products and accompanying services in combination with process innovation offer a sustainable competitive advantage. For this reason, we invest sustainably in new ideas and products.

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