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Practical telematics solution for bus fleet management

Safety and Transparency: With the cost-efficient telematics of the serial test winner, information from your passenger transporters is recorded in real time. So you keep track of the buses at any time.

Passenger transportation companies need reliable information about the operation of their buses to respond quickly to unpredictable situations. With the award-winning fleet management company fleet.tech, data about the state of the vehicle in real time are obtained. Whether reading the tachograph, an extensive driving style analysis or the monitoring of the tire pressure - the manufacturer-independent telematics of fleet.tech® can be easily retrofitted and in consideration of the customer's needs. With the extensive reporting system you additionally reduce your work, because the manual preparation of billing is greatly simplified - of course, taking into account the relevant provisions of the GDPR. Find out now about the possible applications of telematics in passenger transport.