Climate neutral transports with one click

Fleet Tech Functions Overview

Climate neutral transports

Climate change concerns all players in the economy, not least the transport sector. The CO2 emissions of a transport vehicle over its entire service life depend on fuel consumption, mileage and many other factors. In the transport industry it is still unusual to compensate the CO2 emissions of the vehicles. So far, there has been a lack of practicable solutions for the simple, reliable, recording and calculation of greenhouse gas emissions from transport vehicles - for both light and heavy commercial vehicles.

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dispositionDisposition: InformationTower©

An effective and efficient disposition requires up-to-date and comprehensive information. The InformationTower from fleet.tech provides exactly that.

Information is the most essential resource for freight forwarders, service organizations, construction companies and similar companies that manage vehicles. The fleet.tech system is tailored precisely to these industries and supplies dispatchers with all relevant data. The focus is on the information display the InformationTower© which can be tailored to the needs of each user. The user selects which of the data is particularly relevant for him and should therefore be displayed first. A unique technology is used for the screen structure, which is unusually fast in the industry. This technology generates the data in the display that the user considers to be particularly important due to their click behaviour.

With the search function certain vehicles, speeders or drivers can be selected specifically. Current traffic information, the position and condition of the vehicle, status changes and the user's particularly relevant events and alarms - entry into defined zones, addresses or threshold value overruns (e.g. temperatures) - are displayed in the control centre within seconds. Thanks to these properties, changes can be responded to as quickly as possible and the vehicle fleet can be optimised. Furthermore, ContractorAPP© is a unique tool that enables service providers who are on the road for different clients to display a tour exclusively for a particular client on the InformationTower©. This means that this contractor only sees the vehicle that is on this "activated" tour.


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Five of the advantages from which you can benefit by using fleet.tech in scheduling:

  • Traffic information is displayed in real time and the convenient search function allows all important details to be called up in a targeted manner.
  • The information display can be set up according to individual needs.
  • Points of particular interest (POIs) can be imported and displayed according to groups.
  • The display updates every second and this with a record-breakingly fast screen structure.
  • ContractorAPP© for the comfortable integration of clients in the InformationTower©

Reporting: TelematicRepository©

Effective fleet management requires clear, up-to-date data. This is where fleet.tech reporting comes in and delivers transparent reports.

Meaningful reports with current data are essential to optimize fleet management. With the help of such reports, weak points in the fleet can be identified, the use of the vehicles can be optimised and planned for the future. fleet.tech's reporting provides a wide range of information based on exact data collected from vehicles and drivers. When selecting the information to be included in the reporting, each person determines his or her own individual priorities. For example, fleet.tech's reporting creates overviews of logbooks. On the basis of this data, time evaluations, mileage statements or movement reports are created. It is also possible to compare different vehicles to determine whether a driver or a vehicle has increased fuel consumption. Maintenance reports, driver motivation, workload, events or temperature tables can also be generated. This data is compiled in clear tables and reports. You can choose whether you want to receive these reports in PDF or Excel format. The reports can be stored as one-off or recurring reports in the TelematicRepository© and forwarded to other interested persons. These transparent reports provide helpful information for effective and efficient fleet management.


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fleet.tech's reporting provides, among other things, these five helpful functions:

  • The reports are comprehensive and meaningful.
  • The reports are available in PDF or Excel format.
  • Reports can be generated automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • The reports are also available in the TelematicRepository©.
  • The generated reports are automatically forwarded according to the respective presettings.

advanced monitoringAlerting: AdvancedMonitoring©

With the help of fleet.tech monitoring you control threshold values of central sensors and receive automatic notifications

Vehicle data or driver information are of central importance for monitoring in fleet management. A system that automatically informs when certain limits are reached or exceeded or when extraordinary events occur is particularly helpful. Remote monitoring also helps to keep control of the entire vehicle fleet at all times. The monitoring of fleet. tech offers exactly these characteristics. Depending on the installed terminal device, monitoring can distinguish events with reference to a location, maintenance (vehicle), sensors (temperature), movement, vital signs, digital inputs and outputs and CanBus data. Depending on the property, different rules are defined that are to be monitored. For example, events related to point of interest can be defined according to your own ideas. Other options that can be checked include temperatures, speedometer data or geo-zones. The system also forwards technical error messages if required. You can also specify how the system is to provide information. Monitoring can be integrated into the IT infrastructure via the OpenTelematics. io interface. Alarms are sent by e-mail or SMS. Call alarms can also be configured with the system. In this way, all information about the vehicle fleet is always available at the head office or on the smartphone.


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The fleet.tech monitoring effectively informs you in these five ways:

  • The rules for monitoring are defined individually according to your own wishes.
  • Notifications and alarms are sent via e-mail.
  • Notifications and alarms can also be sent via SMS.
  • Notifications and alarms about automated calls can still be transmitted.
  • The system also has a standardized interface via which notifications and alarms can be sent.

AuftragsmanagementContractmanagement: ConnectedMission©

Order management plays a central role in fleet management ConnectedMission© from fleet.tech supports this task.

ConnectedMission© from fleet.tech is designed as a comprehensive tool and in addition to the transport management or order management used in the company. In this way, headquarters and field staff are connected. All orders and tours are clearly listed. This information can be called up from the driver's smartphone so that extensive investments or vehicle conversions are completely unnecessary. At the same time, the head office receives data on where the vehicles in the fleet are and which orders are currently being processed by the employees. The integrated message management allows structured communication with the driver or a fleet of drivers. Documents and images can also be easily exchanged between vehicle and driver. Thanks to these features, it is possible to react quickly to unusual events, to inform customers promptly about deliveries or to send traffic information to drivers.

This makes fleet.tech ConnectedMission© particularly versatile. It is used in courier services, delivery services or craft businesses. Furthermore, interfaces for configuration are available. Using the OpenTelematcs.io standard, data provided by ConnectedMission© at the API can be easily integrated into the company structure.


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The advantages of fleet.tech ConnectedMission© at a glance:

  • The head office is informed about where employees and vehicles are located.
  • ConnectedMission© reduces errors in the transmission of information.
  • Enquiries are avoided, as data is available clearly and uncluttered.
  • The system has an integrated document management system.
  • Services rendered are verifiable at all times and can be invoiced directly.

TachographTachograph: ConnectedTachograph©

With the help of ConnectedTachograph© from fleet.tech, tachographs and the remaining driving times can be read out remotely, which simplifies disposition.

The administration of journeys and the corresponding vehicles, which are subject to the driving and rest time regulation, must be read out and archived in accordance with the law. From 2010, vehicles will be equipped with a digital tachograph that enables time-consuming readout of driver and mass memory data via telematics. This is where fleet. tech's ConnectedTachograph© comes in. The system makes it possible to read out the corresponding driver data daily and the mass storage devices weekly and completely automatically and to transfer them directly into all well-known archiving solutions.This gives the planner new possibilities, simplifies administration and reduces the workload. In addition, important data is available at any time by remote access. For example, it is possible to check how much remaining driving time a driver still has - on a daily, weekly and two-week basis. In addition, data for all vehicles is retrieved centrally and, if required, no physical access to the driver cards is required.

These are five very useful features of Connected Tachograph© that make everyday work easier:

  • Driver cards can be read out daily via remote access.
  • Vehicle data are available weekly in the remote selection.
  • Disposition receives an overview of the remaining driving times of the drivers
  • In the overview, data is available according to days, weeks and double weeks.
  • ConnectedTachograph© integrates seamlessly into many widely used archiving solutions

TemperaturüberwachungTemperature Monitoring: ConnectedTemperature©

Stable temperatures are important in food transport. fleet.tech has the most complete solution for complete temperature control.

Refrigerated transports require a complete control of temperature. This is the only way to ensure that the sensitive and perishable goods arrive fresh at their destination. In order to recognize problems in time and to be able to react, one needs a system, which can inform fast. This is where ConnectedTemperature© from fleet.tech comes into play. Transmission is wireless, making installation particularly easy. ConnectedTemperature© from fleet.tech is compatible with the temperature recording systems of leading manufacturers. The big advantage of ConnectedTemperature© is that you have direct access to the determined temperature values. The driver sees the current measurement data on the smartphone and the dispatchers also have access to the data. The limit when an additional alarm should be triggered is defined individually by each person. If the measured values indicate that a critical area will soon be reached, the driver can intervene in good time. At the same time, the system provides a clear overview of the collected data so that customers can be provided with proof of a closed cold chain. Contact us today and find out how you can use ConnectedTemperature© in your company.

The five central properties of ConnectedTemperature© are:

  • The system can be easily retrofitted.
  • The application possibilities are virtually unlimited.
  • Alarm messages and notifications can be freely configured according to your own needs.
  • Reports provide comprehensive information.
  • ConnectedTemperature© has a standardized interface so that data can be easily transferred to other systems.

TPMS: ConnectedTyre©

fleet.tech's tire pressure monitoring ensures safety in fleet management. The system immediately informs about irregularities.

For trucks with high mileage in supra-regional traffic or passenger transport, tire pressure plays a central role in safety. Even if the pressure is checked regularly, problems usually occur spontaneously and cannot be avoided. This is where fleet.tech's automatic tire pressure monitoring comes in. Tire pressure monitoring is connected to the Continental system. The tyre manufacturer integrates air pressure sensors directly into the tyres. The fleet.tech system collects the data from the sensors of the Conti-Pressure-Check and checks them permanently. An alarm is triggered immediately in the event of deviations from the norm or changes. This notification can be transmitted in various ways. You decide yourself whether you want an e-mail, SMS or a call to inform you in such a case. Contact us today and find out how you can use fleet.tech tyre pressure monitoring in your company.

You benefit from these five advantages by using fleet.tech's tire pressure monitoring system:

  • Continental CPC® is 100 percent integrated in the system.
  • Tire irregularities are detected and reported immediately.
  • If an incorrect tire pressure is detected, the system informs you immediately.
  • Alarm messages are sent via e-mail, SMS or call.
  • A standardized interface is also available for configuration.

fahrermotivationDriving Motivation: Trucks

Drivers who travel long distances are often distracted or tired, which increases the risk of accidents. The driver motivation of fleet.tech works against this.

Reducing the risk of accidents is in the interest of all road users. As a forwarding agent, you also benefit in many ways when the drivers are particularly safe on the road. Furthermore accidents improve the company's reputation, the health of drivers is assured and even insurance premiums are reduced in the long term. To achieve this goal, fleet.tech offers effective measures for driver motivation. On the one hand, the driver is motivated in a playful way and thus retains a high degree of attention. On the other hand, the system aims to encourage the driver to become accustomed to an efficient and forward-looking driving style.

Five important characteristics of fleet.tech's driver motivation that have a positive influence on drivers:

  • The system can be used independently of the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Very easy to set up and intuitive to use
  • The comprehensive algorithms allow meaningful and detailed analyses.
  • The intrinsic motivation is promoted.
  • All functions are compliant with the GDPR.

Fitness Tracker for car

Reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions is a key issue. For this reason, we have developed a unique service to reduce energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions of passenger cars under real driving conditions. With the world‘s first passenger car fitness tracker you increase the safety of your fleet, reduce costs and reduce costs at the same time CO2 emissions.

  • Measure and reduce consumption
  • Evaluate and reduce driving risks
  • Environmentally friendly vehicle fleet management
  • Motivating drivers to make progress
  • All functions are GDPR compliant


All journeys are recorded automatically, mileage readings are transmitted and times are recorded. This ensures that the logbook is kept continuously. The unique system also supports keeping a logbook when using pool vehicles! By entering the standard working time, the journeys are pre-filtered, and by simply wiping the data, a distinction can be made between private and business journeys. For business trips, insert the purpose and the contact person from the database - done!

fahrtenbuchDriver’s Logbook

Driver's logbooks are time-consuming, complicated and error-prone in practice. It's easy with the fleet.tech system that does the work for you.

The tax logbook system fleet.tech DRIVER© is designed for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, which can be coupled to a terminal in the vehicle. There are two concepts to choose from: A device named CUMBUS, manufactured in accordance with the TÜV-Nord standard, which transmits additional information from the vehicle's OBD interface. Or the BEACON terminal, which is preferred by works councils in particular, as it is classified as absolutely harmless due to its design.

The result of both concepts: a logbook that serves as proof for the tax office and the bookkeeping. All trips are automatically logged and stored online. With simple wiping movements on the APP, private journeys can be sorted from business trips. The logbook is ready. The electronic logbook naturally fulfils all the requirements of the European Data Protection Ordinance (GDPR). In private mode, all recorded data is additionally protected with a password so that only the driver can view his data.

The Logbook system for heavy commercial vehicles: Receive automated documentation on start and end times, stopping points and waiting times. Fuel and/or mileage consumption per operation or tour. The extensive reports can be called up in both Excel and PDF format and forwarded to other users via the filing system, the TelematicRepository©.

The fleet.tech logbook offers these five practical advantages in particular:

  • Particularly simple and intuitive handling
  • Optional extensive or reduced logbook
  • The privacy of users can be protected on request.
  • Cost-efficient in use
  • All requirements of the GDPR are observed

virtual toggleDriver’s Logbook: VirtualToggle©

Achieve a high degree of efficiency with the electronic switch VirtualToggle©.

In the protected VirtualToggle® process ("virtual switch"), a smartphone or tablet computer takes over the function of a physical switch. This process offers countless possibilities to extend the cockpit of a vehicle - at low investment costs for hardware and installation. The VirtualToggle® concept is used when recorded data/drives are to be sorted with one wipe movement.

  • Particularly simple and intuitive handling
  • Virtual switch with 4 options;
  • All changes are logged
  • Privacy is 100% protected / GDPR-compliant

smartmodetrackingObject management: SmartModeTracking©

With the unique technology SmartModeTracking© fleet.tech and LOSTnFOUND terminals achieve the greatest possible autonomy.

The SmartModeTracking©-method is a technology developed by fleet.tech by LOSTnFOUND that is particularly suitable for irregular usage patterns. With this dynamic object management, an integrated motion sensor (accelerometer) detects whether an object is in motion and therefore a higher frequency of data transmission (positions, temperature) should take place. When the object is in idle mode, the device automatically switches to inventory mode and transmits the data based on a predefined time interval. It is also possible to distinguish which data is transmitted at which frequency - for example, the battery life of redundant systems can be optimized. Extraordinary events, such as power problems, can then be alerted at any time using the AdvancedMonitoring© function.

These are five very useful features of the unique SmartModeTracking©

  • Data transmission is reduced to relevant data
  • Consequently, SmartModeTracking optimizes and extends battery life
  • Precisely tailored settings to your user profile
  • Easy setup and configuration
  • Integrated in the AdvancedMonitoring© function

active DeviceQuality: ActiveDeviceManagement©

ActiveDeviceManagement© from fleet.tech and LOSTnFOUND stands for a unique technology based on artificial intelligence, which guarantees maximum reliability for the end devices.

For data quality reasons, fleet.tech® and LOSTnFOUND® devices are monitored around the clock, seven days a week, using various measures - even if the associated objects are not in use. The corresponding copyright protected procedure, which is used, is called ActiveDeviceManagement©.

In this basic form of artificial intelligence, the devices autonomously assess the current vitality index (SelfCheckUp©) based on various parameters and the determined usage profile. Depending on the device type and the detected diagnostic measures, up to twelve different tests are carried out, whereupon the device independently initiates its own optimization measures - for example a restart of the device (AutoReboot©). In addition, all devices are actively contacted by the servers in a dynamically defined hourly rhythm. The corresponding status is queried (HeartBeat©). If the vitality values show a negative result, the devices are placed on a watch list (WatchList©) and actively reanimated directly by the intervention servers after a defined observation time. If the corresponding measures do not lead to the desired success, for example because a device has been removed, the person responsible is informed about the measures to be taken via AdvancedMonitoring© in the communication channel defined in advance (system message, SMS, e-mail, server call).

These are five very useful features of the unique AdvancedDeviceManagement©:

  • Permanent monitoring of the end devices
  • Consequently, the highest possible data quality
  • Highly complex algorithm for self-optimization of devices based on artificial intelligence
  • Fully autonomous management
  • Integrated in the AdvancedMonitoring© function

multinetworkTransmission of data: MultiNetworkSet©

MultiNetworkSet© - this is the technology of fleet.tech and LOSTnFOUND, which uses several network providers for the transmission of data packets wherever possible.

The fleet.tech/LOSTnFOUND SIM cards operate in more than 75 networks in 145 countries worldwide and thus offer the best possible network coverage. Since the LOSTnFOUND® telecommunications infrastructure as a subnetwork accesses several network providers in one country, this has the advantage that an alternative provider can be automatically switched on if a provider has poor network coverage. This so-called MultiNetworkSet© procedure is unique and offers the greatest possible network coverage. As a result, the time between the event occurrence (e.g. alarm) and its acknowledgement by the cloud servers reduced to a minimum (latency time).

These are five very useful features of the unique MultiNetworkSet©

  • High data security through consistent use of premium providers
  • Continuous roaming at no extra cost
  • 24/7 operation center with active data monitoring
  • Own APN network infrastructure (registered network provider)

Standardized interface: OpenTelematics

Connecting different systems is always a challenge. The standard interface on the OpenTelematics standard solves these problems.

In everyday working life one often has to deal with numerous, different electronic systems that provide helpful information. The problem is that these systems usually do not communicate with each other. This makes it particularly difficult to check and collect data and information. Each system has its own way of operating and delivers data in a certain way. This takes time and makes operation difficult. In addition, connecting data from different systems to each other to create reports is time-consuming. This can be remedied with a standardized interface. The various systems are connected to this interface, data transmission is standardized and information is provided centrally. fleet.tech is a leader in this sector and a founding member of the supervisory board of the European Telematics Association. OpenTelematics. io is used as a standardized interface, which has many advantages. On the one hand, the interface is compatible with numerous IT systems and can thus collect data from them. On the other hand, the REST API leaves a lot of freedom for individual configuration. Contact us without obligation and we will inform you in more detail how you can benefit from a standardized interface in your company.


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Especially thanks to these five features, interfaces enrich the disposition:

  • Further system data makes the telematics data even more meaningful.
  • The standardized interface OpenTelematics. io is used.
  • The standard interface is compatible with hundreds of IT systems.
  • Investment security thanks to the high degree of dissemination.