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Telematics for express and courier services

Courier, express and parcel services (CEP) live on fast and punctual delivery. The disposition has to be very precise and the dispatcher has to be informed about the location of the transporters at all times. Only comprehensive monitoring is it possible to react quickly to changes in orders. This is exactly what fleet.tech solutions can do. Thanks to fleet.tech telematics, you are always informed where the vehicles are, and if necessary, new destinations can be specified and routes adapted in real time.

fleet.tech-functions overview

active DeviceQuality: ActiveDeviceManagement©

  • Permanent monitoring of the end devices
  • Consequently, the highest possible data quality
  • Highly complex algorithm for self-optimization of devices based on artificial intelligence
  • Fully autonomous management
  • Integrated in the AdvancedMonitoring© function

AuftragsmanagementContractmanagement: ConnectedMission©

  • The head office is informed about where employees and vehicles are located.
  • ConnectedMission© reduces errors in the transmission of information.
  • Enquiries are avoided, as data is available clearly and uncluttered.
  • The system has an integrated document management system.
  • Services rendered are verifiable at all times and can be invoiced directly.

dispositionDisposition: InformationTower©

  • Traffic information is displayed in real time and the convenient search function allows all important details to be called up in a targeted manner.
  • The information display can be set up according to individual needs.
  • Points of particular interest (POIs) can be imported and displayed according to groups.
  • The display updates every second and this with a record-breakingly fast screen structure.
  • ContractorAPP© for the comfortable integration of clients in the InformationTower©

fahrermotivationDriving Motivation: Trucks

  • The system can be used independently of the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Very easy to set up and intuitive to use
  • The comprehensive algorithms allow meaningful and detailed analyses.
  • The intrinsic motivation is promoted.
  • All functions are compliant with the GDPR.

fahrtenbuchDriver’s Logbook

  • Particularly simple and intuitive handling
  • Optional extensive or reduced logbook
  • The privacy of users can be protected on request.
  • Cost-efficient in use
  • All requirements of the GDPR are observed

advanced monitoringAlerting: AdvancedMonitoring©

  • The rules for monitoring are defined individually according to your own wishes.
  • Notifications and alarms are sent via e-mail.
  • Notifications and alarms can also be sent via SMS.
  • Notifications and alarms about automated calls can still be transmitted.
  • The system also has a standardized interface via which notifications and alarms can be sent.

multinetworkTransmission of data: MultiNetworkSet©

  • High data security through consistent use of premium providers
  • Continuous roaming at no extra cost
  • 24/7 operation center with active data monitoring
  • Own APN network infrastructure (registered network provider)

Reporting: TelematicRepository©

  • The reports are comprehensive and meaningful.
  • The reports are available in PDF or Excel format.
  • Reports can be generated automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • The reports are also available in the TelematicRepository©.
  • The generated reports are automatically forwarded according to the respective presettings.

Standardized interface: OpenTelematics

  • Further system data makes the telematics data even more meaningful.
  • The standardized interface OpenTelematics. io is used.
  • The standard interface is compatible with hundreds of IT systems.
  • Investment security thanks to the high degree of dissemination.

TemperaturüberwachungTemperature Monitoring: ConnectedTemperature©

  • The system can be easily retrofitted.
  • The application possibilities are virtually unlimited.
  • Alarm messages and notifications can be freely configured according to your own needs.
  • Reports provide comprehensive information.
  • ConnectedTemperature© has a standardized interface so that data can be easily transferred to other systems.

The ideal solution for monitoring

With the ConnectedTemperature© temperature monitoring it is also possible to check the condition of perishable or otherwise temperature-sensitive transport goods. Together with the user-friendly ConnectedMission© order management system, fleet.tech solutions not only offer ideal conditions for monitoring, but also facilitate scheduling and communication with employees in the field.

In addition, fleet.tech solutions help to comply with the legal requirements on driving and working times, because they log the driving distances and times for each driver. This data is archived - naturally in compliance with the GDPR and is therefore available for reporting. This ensures transparency and the data can also be used for analysis, for example to develop more efficient routes. Let fleet.tech solutions convince you and request a non-binding offer right away.

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