Climate neutral transports with one click

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Functions Platform & APP
11 language, intuitive cloud platform
User-specific dashboard
Intuitive APP für iOS und Android (incl.unlimited chat function)
Order management/ConnectedMission©
Address book as basis for frame tours, POI, etc.
Interface to over 80 external systems (TMS, ERP, route planning, etc.)
Open interface Rest API (based on the standard OpenTelematics.io)
Geozones and Point-of-Interest
Low battery voltage alarm
Alerting by e-mail (unlimited)
Alerting by SMS or call (40 per month/device)
Automatic monitoring of terminal devicesActiveDeviceManagement©
30 detailed reports as Excel/PDF
incl. report storage system for 100MB
incl. report storage system for 250MB
Basic functions Terminal device
Location of mobile goods (in the LP network)
Data transfer to existing LPN networks(Sigfox or LoRa or NB-IoT)
Robust housing
2 years manufacturer warranty
Support hours 7:00 - 19:00 (weekdays) (Local rate or e-mail)
Access to 24-hour emergency team (liable to pay costs)
Support data protection (DSGVO and ADV)

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