01. Energy analysis

We measure and quantify the amount of energy required to complete a given journey.

02. Environmentally friendly driving

We evaluate the driving efficiency of all journeys and describe how you can reduce your consumption.

03. Safety

We evaluate the driving safety in order to assist the driver and reduce accidents.

04. Coaching

We encourage drivers to make progress with our unique feedback function.

We offer comprehensive fitness training for your vehicle fleet!

The reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions is a key issue, which is why we have developed a unique service that measures cars’ energy consumption under real driving conditions. Meet Jan and learn how we help him and his company drive more safely and efficiently.

Our data analysis

Our high-performance data analysis function helps you to make decisions and enables you to better understand and reduce your carbon footprint!

Verbrauch reduzieren Auto

Measure and reduce consumption

Our unique algorithms quantify your driving style and provide valuable information related to consumed energy for every analysed journey.
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Environmentally friendly vehicle fleet management

In addition to energy efficiency measures such as switching to renewable energy sources, driving style can play a central role in reducing a person’s CO2 emissions.

Evaluate and reduce driving risks

Our tools allow you to integrate accident prevention into your daily fleet management. We first help you to better understand the risks associated with use of the vehicle fleet and see where progress can be made in terms of reducing accidents.

Motivating drivers to make progress

Our approach stimulates the driver’s personal motivation to make them more responsible, promote good practices and ensure that the changes are long-term. We use serious game techniques to involve drivers and encourage them to use a more economical and safe driving style.

We love transparency!

The following values are the results for fleet.tech® employees for journeys analysed from July to today

Points | Efficiency

Points | Safety

CO2 emissions | fleet ø

Energy class | fleet ø

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