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With the unique VELUMplus, mobile goods such as trailers or containers can now be presented transparently in operational processes with an unprecedented cost efficiency. As standard, the extremely energy-efficient VELUMplus has a battery that can transmit a capacity of over 30,000 events and, depending on the configuration, can achieve a service life of many years. This at a fraction of the cost of GNSS/GSM trackers today.

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With the unique ConnectedTrailer and the end device VELUMplus, mobile goods such as trailers or containers can be presented transparently in operational processes with unprecedented cost efficiency. This is possible because the VELUMplus works in the so-called 0G network. This is designed for narrowband communication in order to connect extremely energy-saving terminal devices to the Internet that could not previously be connected. Accordingly, it is suitable to transmit small messages, such as tracking data from trailers or swap bodies, every hour or more frequently during movement. In contrast to the mobile radio network, significantly fewer cells are required, since one cell can manage up to one million devices and the signals of the Low Power Wide Area based radio technology extend very far: In cities through houses and walls through about 3 to 5 km. In rural areas about 30 to 50 km. By the end of 2019, the 0G network will be available internationally in 60 countries - without roaming charges and has already achieved good or even very good coverage in many European countries.


Disposition: InformationTower©

  • The convenient search function allows you to retrieve all important details in a targeted manner.
  • The information display can be set up according to individual requirements.
  • Points of special interest (POIs) can be imported and displayed according to groups.
  • The display is updated every second and this with a record-breakingly fast screen structure.
  • ContractorAPP© for convenient integration of clients into the InformationTower©

Reporting: TelematicRepository©

  • The reports are comprehensive and meaningful.
  • The reports are available in PDF or Excel format.
  • Reports can be generated automatically daily, weekly or monthly.
  • The reports are also available on demand in the TelematicRepository©.
  • The generated reports are automatically forwarded according to the respective default settings.

Alarming: AdvancedMonitoring©

  • The rules for monitoring are defined individually according to your own wishes.
  • Notifications and alarms are sent via e-mail.
  • Notifications and alarms can also be sent via SMS.
  • It is also possible to transmit notifications and alarms via automated calls.

For which applications is the VELUMplus suitable compared to a GPS/GSM solution?

The focus is on applications

  • who today have no automated transparency about the location
  • for whom a GPS/GSM solution is too expensive
  • for which a GPS/GSM solution has too short a battery life
  • for which no permanent power supply can be guaranteed
  • for which an approximate position specification is sufficient

Which applications is a terminal device such as the STRATUS II or the PILEUStrailer preferable to the VELUMplus?

These are typically applications for which

  • a high availability of position reports is required
  • require a high density of position reports during movement (< 1h)
  • or additional information - such as temperature data - is to be transmitted
  • With the system from LOSTnFOUND we have an overview of the current location of our goods carriers at all times and can organise them in a resource-saving way. Operation is simple and can be carried out on different terminals, which simplifies the coordination between CWA and our suppliers.

    Michael Aebi
    Production Engineering

  • We have been a customer of LOSTnFOUND since January 2020 and have currently equipped about 850 swap bodies with the tracking system. The cooperation is excellent – adjustments and additions are implemented very target-oriented and fast.

    Claas Bunjes
    Management Mobility & Digital Solutions
    L.I.T. Cargo GmbH


Digitalization changes logistics and supply chain management a lot when suitable tools are used to support relevant decisions. This applies in particular to the question of whether semi-trailers, trailers, swap bodies or containers should be equipped with an active tracking system. This is not about the use of tools per se, but always about the previous testing of the degree of maturity and cost-effectiveness of the solution used. Thus, the journey into the digitally supported logistics and supply chain world remains affordable and efficient for all stakeholders.

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